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Are you a new business needing a logo, or have you been in business but need to re-brand? Is your sign in need of maintenance, repair, or removal? Let our skilled designers and technicians offer the best solution for your specific project needs

Your signs serve as a spokesperson for your company, your brand, and your products. Signs will also increase foot traffic and sales. But, broken or outdated signage could negatively affect your company by putting your company’s reputation at risk, and may decrease your sales.

Additionally, having broken signage could pose a safety risk to your employees and customers. It is critical not to ignore or avoid sign repairs. Get your signs maintained or repaired today!

Whether or not your sign project was designed and built by The Sign Guy KC, our knowledgeable team can help guide you through even the most challenging installation process. Our experienced installers specialize in indoor and outdoor sign installation in a variety of conditions and environments.

We also offer installation and removal services to out-of-state companies working with national account

We are licensed in most KC Metro Area municipalities, small cities, and towns throughout the Kansas City area for sign installation. When it comes to sign installation in Kansas City and the surrounding metropolitan areas, we understand that each small city and municipality has its own set of guidelines for sign installation that meets its city codes. Our sign installation experts can help you secure the required permit and guide you through this process.

Sign surveys are very important to make sure your custom sign works on the building and area in which you want to install it. Our survey techs can get the required measurements and check access for upcoming installations to avoid any problems before the sign is designed, permitted, manufactured, and ready to install.

We also offer sign surveys to out-of-state companies working with national accounts. We work hard to understand their needs and provide them with information about their signs needing installation in the Kansas City area. We understand the required details so they can have a successful installation and meet their customer’s needs.

Even though your business may have a logo designed, the process of designing and building a custom sign can be confusing if you are unfamiliar with the process. Our expert in sign design can help make this process as easy as possible for you. Our designers are experts at sign design. They will listen to what you want for your sign. Then, they will provide guidance on the correct materials to use and the manufacturing methods to follow in order to make your sign stand out.

If you are starting your own business and need a logo or if you have an established branding standard but need an upgrade. Our talented staff of designers is here to help your image and brand stand out in a highly competitive marketplace

If you are still using low-efficiency illumination systems to light up your business signs, you will want to consider retrofitting your existing signs with high-efficiency LEDs. Illumination systems have come a long way in the last 10-15 years, making traditional lighting, such as fluorescent and neon illumination systems, outdated when compared to energy- and cost-efficient LEDs. Our team of signage experts can retrofit your signs with LEDs.